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Wash Packages

 At Planet Auto Wash, we believe that going to a Manassas car wash shouldn’t be tough on you, your car, or the environment. It’s why we made our location and entrances easy to get to and why we feature one of the most powerful—yet remarkably gentle—belted car wash tunnels in Northern Virginia. It’s also why our soaps, conditioners, and protectants meet strict environmental standards
Our well-appointed car wash packages span from our basic Jupiter Wash to our professional detail services. Read on to learn more about each of our car wash packages, our services, and our commitment to providing products, services, and details that are unmatched in Northern Virginia. Planet Auto Wash. A World of Difference.


Body Gloss $19.95
Hot Lava Wax $19.95
Tire Shine & Wheels Wiped $  5.00
Car Scent $  1.00
Trunk Vacuum $  2.00
Dash Dressing $  6.00
Clear Coat Protectant $  2.00
Mat Cleaning (Each) $  1.25
Cloth Seats Shampoo $51.00